A collaborative,
innovative and
humane company

Satisfaction above all

One of our main objectives is to meet the needs of our customers - end users or resellers very well - and to do that we have several quality processes under our management system.

We currently have the main national and international certifications, as part of an effective quality system. We continuously seek to improve our management systems, as we understand that this implies more quality over the products and services. And that is what we want to deliver to our partners and customers.

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Areas of expertise

Products and solutions for the dental, medical, hospital and industrial areas
Our brands
30 Years of Market
37 Partner Countries
1000 SKUs in the Catalog
2500 Clients around the World

Constant search for new solutions

We are always developing innovations. And, to enhance the process, we count on the help of partners, professionals from the dental and hospital areas, to bring us the needs of the sector and thus think together how to enable innovative solutions that promote ease, improve performance and generate well-being. That's why we have an open channel where you can fill out a form, send us your ideas and be our partner on this journey!

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People first

Be part of the team

We value life, especially for our employees. This is our essence. After all, behind any machine there is a person and there is no innovation without the human factor. This synergy and the teamwork that got us where we got to