We want to inspire
and be present
in your everyday

Whatch the video

We founded our company in 1994 when we realized that differentiated and quality products in the health sector were lacking in the market. And from there came our desire to innovate, to create products that make life easier for professionals working in this field, with gains in productivity, precision, organization or quality of procedures. In other words, products that help to generate well-being and contribute to the success of their activities.

We want to inspire and be present on a daily basis, not only in a brand-client relationship, but as partners. Pulling trends and being a reference when it comes to quality and innovation is our commitment.


Throughout our journey, our work has been recognized several times, highlighting how serious and prestigious our work is on the national scene:


Standard International and Environmental Quality Company

National Institute of Quality Management Excellence Total Quality


Finalist for National Innovation Award

Medium Business - Innovation Management
Medium Business - Technological Innovation


Marketing & Business Award for Sustainability

Quality and Innovation in Products - MERCOSUR - ASSMERCOSUL


National Business Highlight

Product Excellence and Innovation


Well Done Award in Paraná

2nd place in the Small and Medium Business Management category


100 Most Innovative Companies

Paraná Innovation Index (IPrI) - Innovation Compass - FIEP - PR / Senai


XVIII Paraná Highlight Award

Category: Company


Brazil Quality Award

International Quality Label and Quality Excellence Certificate