We are a
humane company

And that makes us have much more than just a company-client relationship: we are partners. We are committed to serving all of our customers in the best possible way and doing everything in our power to make your shopping experience a satisfactory one.

Our clients

We serve dental retailers, medical-hospital companies and other industries. But we are always open to new partnerships. We want to be present in all possible places, as we understand that this way we can reach more people and contribute even more to the development of society.

To be our reseller, just contact our sales team, they will assist you and explain how our policies work, always seeking to do the best for you


Customized products and special designs

We have a project sector that enables the customization of some of our products or even the development of unique products.

As is the case with the autoclavable cases that we produce in a personalized way for different companies, with dimensions and layout more suitable for different surgical kits. We use only quality raw material, providing longer life to the products


Production outsourcing

We at Indusbello Company place our equipment and trained professionals at the disposal of companies that wish to produce their products externally (in whole or in parts). One of the advantages is being able to count on a rigorous quality process, know-how and certifications.
Meet some of the services offered:

  • Injection – outsourcing of the plastic injection process
  • CNC or conventional machining – using own or customer raw material
  • Autoclavable cases – scale production and customization

If you are interested in knowing more about our processes and presenting your demand, just contact our sales team and they will assist you and answer all your questions.