We have been operating in the dental segment since 1994. With the main purpose of providing innovative and quality products, our daring spirit has led us to start generating solutions for almost all areas of dentistry.

We constantly invest in research and new technologies to pull trends and bring the most innovative in the area. It is not for nothing that we have a range of unique and patented products.

The Indusbello brand today is a national reference in the dental field and each year it gains space in other countries. More than a brand, we are partners of dentistry professionals and we are with open arms to help solve problems, needs and help these professionals to achieve their best performance in their clinical activities.

Hundreds of products for various procedures in the areas of dentistry, aesthetics, implantology, orthodontics, radiology, dental photography and general practice, in addition to a product line focused on pediatric dentistry (Indusbello Bambini).

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Our goal is to assist with the needs of the medical-hospital area and meet all the requirements of the sector. We want to be present assisting doctors, nurses, patients and all people who use our products directly or indirectly with excellence and responsibility.

For this, we prioritize continuous improvement. We want to maintain the quality standards of the Indusbello Company group. And this starts from the choice of the best suppliers to the development and manufacturing processes of our products. Our goal is to guarantee high performance and durability solutions.
It is a solid brand, serving large companies in the area, organized and transparent, with a focus on preserving life.

Sterilization kits, cases, blankets, trays and accessories. It also offers customized products and projects.

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The Injetus company arose from the Indusbello Company's need to make quality products with added value using plastic injection technology. Today, this expertise is also available to other companies - in the health sector or not - providing savings and reliability.

We act in accordance with the needs and trends of our partners through innovative proposals, which provide profitability, within the best manufacturing practices, and contribute in some way to the development of society.

Injection of thermoplastics such as Polycarbonate, Acetal, Polysulfones, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Elastomer, flexible PVC and ABS

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